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Documentary Evidence In Auto Accident Cases

by Maurice Moore

Documentary evidence comes in the form of documents as opposed to oral testimony. Below are some forms of documentary evidence you may need for your auto accident claim.


Photographic evidence can boost your case because they show the real thing. In fact, people seem to understand photographs better than descriptive words. Pictures of the accident scene, vehicle damages, and injuries are some of the evidence you need. Do take such pictures as soon as you are able to do before things change.

Medical Records

Your medical records can show the extent of your injuries, the value of your medical bills, the recovery period, pain and suffering, and even your disabilities. That is why you need to get treatment as soon as possible after an accident. At-home treatments won't generate medical records so get your treatment from professionals.

Police Report

The police report typically contains facts that you can use to prove your case. The facts include things like the date, time, location, and victims of the accident. You can use the records, for example, to prove that the accident occurred in a single-lane road and that the other motorist was driving the wrong way.

Weather Reports

Weather sometimes plays a big role in auto accidents. Rainfall or snowfall can make roads slippery, fog can interfere with visibility, and storms can make motorists lose control of their cars. Unfortunately, sometimes people blame the weather for accidents that they are clearly responsible for. Thus, you can use weather records to prove your claims or disapprove of the defendant's weather allegations.

Income Statements

Lost income and lost income capacity are a huge deal when pursuing auto accident compensation. Missing work for a couple of months can be costly. However, it's even costlier to develop a disability that prevents you from going back to your previous work after an accident. Your income statements, such as the financial records of your business or your paystubs, are some of the documentary evidence you need to prove lost income and lost income capacity.

Damage and Valuation Reports

Lastly, you may also need damage estimates and valuation reports for your car compensation. The damage estimates reveal how much you need to repair your car; the estimates should come from professional auto repair centers. The valuation report shows the value of your car before and after the accident. You need more than one damage estimate and valuation report for your claims to hold water.

Consult an auto accident attorney to help you with your auto accident claim. A good lawyer can help you put together formidable evidence to strengthen your case.