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Did Your Child Get A Terrible Head Injury At Daycare And They Can't Explain How? Get A Lawyer Fast

by Maurice Moore

If your child experienced a head injury at daycare and you are having a difficult time getting to the bottom of the story, and you don't know how the injury occurred, you need a personal injury attorney. Acting quickly while evidence is still available is important for any case, and the lawyer can start working on your case to get answers fast.

A head injury and severe trauma deserved an explanation, along with compensation as well. Here are the things to talk with a lawyer about.

The Severity of the Head Injury

The type of head injury and your child's other injuries need to be detailed by a medical professional for the lawyer to create a case. Not only do you need a diagnosis of the injuries, but you need this information as well:

  • Permanent or long-term damages
  • Length of therapy
  • Lifestyle changes directly related to the accident
  • Potential learning disabilities

The lawyer will look at what type of injuries the child is dealing with and how long it could take to make a full recovery. The mental and physical trauma and pain from this injury will all be included in the case.

Liability and Cause of Injury

The lawyer will need to talk with all the employees at the childcare facility, talk with other children if possible, and try to get to the bottom of the problem. If the property had safety or security videos, the lawyer will apply for a court order to view these. Give the attorney all of the details that are relevant to the case that you know and let them do their job in finding out what happened.

Legal Options

The lawyer may reach out to the daycare facility to see if they want to reach a settlement before the case goes to court. If not, then the case will be set in motion and filed. The lawyer will try to get the money for medical bills, missed parental wages, future medical expenses, and more covered with the case and the settlement.

Taking care of your child will be the most important priority, but if you don't have answers and you know something happened that caused your child's injury, like neglect or faulty equipment, you want to talk with a lawyer right away. Meet with a lawyer that is experienced in these types of cases so that can get you the compensation that you need.