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Going Through A Custody Dispute? How To Avoid Problems With The Custody Hearing

by Maurice Moore

If you and your ex are in the middle of a custody dispute, you need to plan for the court hearing. The steps you take leading up to the court date can play a big role in the final outcome. Custody disputes can become volatile, especially once communication breaks down. Here are four steps you need to take to avoid problems with your custody hearing.

Watch the Way You Behave

When it comes to preparing for your custody hearing, it's important that you watch the way you behave, especially around your children. The way you act around your children can become a potential problem, especially if you behave negatively around your children. Not only that, but if your ex has evidence of any negative behavior they may use that evidence against you. To prevent potential problems, be on your best behavior around your children, and refrain from negative behavior towards your ex.

Monitor Your Conversations

If you're going through a custody dispute, be sure to monitor your conversations, especially those involving you and your ex. You never know when your ex will be recording conversations. Unfortunately, any negative conversations that are recorded can be used against you during a custody hearing. The best way to protect yourself, treat every conversation like it's being recorded. That way, you'll avoid saying anything that could potentially have a negative effect on your custody hearing. It's also important that you monitor your written conversations as well, including emails and texts. 

Maintain Communication

When you're fighting for custody of your children, you can't afford to have problems arise. One way to avoid problems is to maintain communication. There are issues regarding communication that affect the outcome of your custody hearing. First, never take your kids out of town without providing advance notice to your ex. Second, never prevent communication between your children and your ex during your visitation. 

Follow Legal Advice

If you're in the middle of a custody dispute, don't try to handle the situation on your own. The most important step you can take is to hire an attorney. However, once you hire an attorney, you need to follow their advice. Failing to follow the advice of your attorney can result in problems that will affect your custody dispute. 

Don't let your custody dispute get out of hand. Use the tips provided here to prepare for your court date. For questions or concerns about your custody dispute, be sure to consult with a child custody attorney near you.