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Issues That Prolong Divorce Cases

by Maurice Moore

The average divorce case takes around one full year, but some cases take much longer. When couples divorce, they typically must go through a series of steps to accomplish this goal. Couples can speed up their cases by quickly working through the steps, or they can drag out their cases by arguing about issues. If you are ready to start a divorce case and want it to go quickly, it might be helpful for you to understand the primary issues that prolong divorce cases.

Fights Over the House

When a married couple owns a house together, the loan and title probably contain both spouses' name. Additionally, both spouses probably have equal rights to the home. Your divorce case will be delayed, though, if you cannot decide who gets to keep the house. If you can choose which spouse gets the house, you might also argue over how much the house is worth. If this happens, you may fight over how much one spouse must pay to buy the other out. Some couples have many issues over their homes, and these issues will cause major delays in a divorce case. To speed up your case, find a way to reach a fair settlement over the house quickly.

Issues with the Kids

The second issue that couples often face is how to divide the kids. When a couple fights over child custody, it often results in a battle. The lawyers in the case must battle it out with each other, and the court might even have to step in and decide for them. Custody battles frequently occur with divorces, but other issues relating to the kids can also prolong a divorce. For example, if you cannot agree on child support payments, alimony, or child visitation, it may cause delays in your case.

Disputes Over Debts and Assets

The other issue that couples fight about is finding a fair way to split assets and debts. This issue can be especially hard in second marriages if the couple did not create a prenuptial agreement. Your divorce lawyer will work hard on fighting for a fair settlement, but you may need to give in a little if you want to speed up the case. Fighting over these issues is a common part of a divorce, but it is also something that drags out a case. Talk to a divorce lawyer if you have questions about your case.