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What Are The Typical Consequences Of A DUI Charge?

by Maurice Moore

Getting pulled over after you spent an evening drinking with friends could lead to an arrest and a DUI charge. After the arrest, your first goal will be to get out of jail, and the next goal will be to find a way to fight the charges. One of the questions you might have during this time is what the consequences are for DUI charges. The answer varies, and here are several things to know as you face a DUI charge.

It Depends on Your Past Criminal Record

Courts always view a person's criminal history when determining how to proceed with criminal charges. If you have nothing on your record, you will face lighter consequences than if you have a long rap sheet. One thing in particular that courts look for is previous DUI charges. If you have none, you are a first-time offender and will have fewer punishments for your crime. When a person has one or more previous DUIs, the court considers them repeat offenders. Repeat offenders face harsher consequences than first-time offenders.

It Depends on the Look back Period in Your State

Another factor that affects a DUI case is the look back period. This period only affects repeat offenders, though. If you are now facing a second DUI charge, the court will look at the date of the first one. If enough time passed between the first and the second, they may disregard the first one and view the second as the first. The legal term for this period is the look back period, or washout period.

It Depends on the Situation

The court also views many other factors when determining the punishment for a DUI crime. For example, were you driving alone, or did you have passengers? If you had passengers, were any of them kids?

Next, what did you register on your breathalyzer test? Were the results right at the legal limit of 0.08%, or were they higher?

Finally, what types of crimes do you have on your record? Courts view situations as a whole, and they will impose more serious consequences to people who continually fail to follow the law. You can ask your lawyer about the potential consequences you face if you want to know.

You stand to face many consequences if you drive under the influence, especially if you are a repeat offender. If you want the best results from your case, look for a reputable and experienced DUI lawyer in your city.

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