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Recognize The Signs Of Daycare Abuse And Take Action

by Maurice Moore

Working moms and dads depend on childcare services to care for their children when they cannot. Unfortunately, even when parents do everything possible to choose a safe and caring daycare situation, the worst can happen. Knowing the signs that something is not right with your daycare is important and taking the right steps later is also vital.

Signs of Possible Daycare Abuse

The below list of worrying signs is not meant to be exhaustive, nor should any one issue listed on it be considered a definite sign of abuse. Rather, the list might indicate that further investigation is needed by the parents. Speak to the daycare workers and the manager about your concerns before you do anything else.

  • Where your child previously enjoyed daycare, they now resist it.
  • Your child exhibits fearfulness when around a certain daycare worker.
  • You have noticed an increase in night terrors, nightmares, and/or bed-wetting (if previously potty-trained), and your child has become moodier.
  • Suddenly, your child has become aggressive toward other children or adults (hitting, biting, etc).
  • Your child seems to be taking some backward steps in maturity and reverting to baby talk, thumb-sucking, and more.
  • Your child has unexplained marks, bruises, etc.

Action Steps to Take

  1. If you are concerned about what is going on during the day, ask about cameras that allow you to check on your child throughout the day. It should be noted, however, that those cameras are not likely to be placed in a bathroom area.
  2. You might want to appear at the daycare without warning at random times. Be aware of disrupting your child if you do so, though. If you notice any signs of surprise or nervousness from the staff at these visits, be very concerned.
  3. If you suspect abuse, take photographs or record video of your child talking about it (if possible).
  4. Abuse is a crime and incidents should be reported to law enforcement, who will perform an investigation.
  5. Daycare abuse is also a personal injury. If your child has been abused, you may be able to call attention to the problem by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the daycare on behalf of your child. No amount of money can replace your trust, but it might help others be more aware of abuses that can occur. To find out more, speak to a personal injury attorney after contacting the police and find out what type of damages you may be eligible to be paid by the daycare.