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Critical Reasons To Put An Experienced Coal Miner Attorney On Retainer

by Maurice Moore

Your job in the coal mines can be risky and potentially even lethal. However, you expect your employer to provide you with sufficient protection to keep you safe. You do not expect to sacrifice your life in exchange for a paycheck.

However, when you have suffered a grievous injury or illness because of your work, you have legal rights available to you as a victim. You can make full use of them by retaining an experienced coal miner attorney to represent you.

Proving Culpability for Your Illness or Injury 

When you retain a skilled coal miner attorney, you can get the legal help that you need to prove that your employer is at fault for your illness or injury. Without this legal help, you could face a scenario of it being your word against that of your employer. It is possible that a court could take the side of your employer and decide against you.

To convince the court that you were wrongfully injured or made ill, you can hire an attorney to gather proof that favors your argument. He or she can subpoena doctors' reports, X-rays, blood work test results and other medical testimony that can prove that you did not cause your own condition. Your lawyer can also gain access to safety records at your job, get testimony from your fellow coworkers and obtain video surveillance footage to show the conditions in which you work.

Pursuing a Settlement

An experienced coal miner attorney can also work out a settlement to keep your case out of court. Your employer may not want the bad publicity that comes from being sued for wrongful injuries or illnesses. They may not want the public to know that they caused you to become sick or suffer a serious injury on the job site.

Your lawyer can push for the employer to offer you a settlement instead of taking the case to trial. Your employer may offer you a sum of money to compensate you for your pain and injuries. They may also provide you with enough compensation to pay for your medical expenses, lost income and other accident-related costs.

A skilled coal miner attorney can provide you with helpful services as you take action against your employer. He or she can gather evidence to prove that you did not cause your own sickness or injury. He or she can also pursue a settlement.

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