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Convincing Yourself to Retain a Personal Injury Lawyer for Counsel

by Maurice Moore

It can be difficult to admit that you need help after an accident. After all, you may not be one to ask for and accept assistance from anyone. You may think to take care of your own accident-related issues without relying on anyone else for help.

However, taking care of your own issues after an accident can rob you of legal and financial justice to which you are entitled. You can get the assistance that you need by understanding why you need a personal injury lawyer to represent you.

Gaining an Intermediary

The idea of going face-to-face with the person who caused the accident that injured you can be galling. You may worry about facing unfair accusations and anger from this person. You also may have no idea of how to prove his or her account of what happened false.

Instead of going up against this person alone, you can gain an important legal ally in a personal injury lawyer. Your attorney can become a valuable intermediary that speaks to the responsible party for you. Your attorney has the assertiveness and confidence to speak rationally yet firmly to this person and let him or her know that you plan to take necessary legal action as the victim of the accident.

Facing Off against Insurers

The responsible person may not be the only one that you have to face off against after the accident. You also face the prospect of having to speak to the insurer of the person who caused what happened. Insurance companies have attorneys ready to represent them in any legal actions that accident victims take. They often can easily deflect accusations of wrongdoing and finagle themselves out of the burden of paying compensation and punitive damages.

However, your own personal injury lawyer has the same level of training as those lawyers that represent the responsible insurer. He or she can face off against the insurer, advocate for your best interests, and make sure that your claims are taken seriously and paid out promptly. Your attorney spares you from having to speak to the insurer or its adjuster or agent that handles your case.

A personal injury lawyer takes undue burdens off of you after an accident. You no longer have to face speaking to the responsible party or his or her insurer alone. You gain an important ally and intermediary who is assertive, confident, and highly trained.