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Need To Apply For Your Disability Benefits? Follow These 5 Tips

by Maurice Moore

Do you need to start the process of applying for disability due to having a chronic illness? If so, it will help to follow these tips to ensure that you receive your benefits. 

Know The Different Types Of Benefits

There are several types of benefits you can potentially claim for your illness. A popular one that is used is Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), which requires that you have paid into Social Security enough to be eligible to receive benefits. Of course, it can be difficult to receive SSDI if you are early on in your career and have not contributed much to it.

Another popular program that is used for disability benefits is Supplemental Security Income (SSI). What makes this type of benefit different is that it is based on your personal financial needs. 

Make An Appointment With Your Local Social Security Office

You'll need to make an appointment with your local Social Security office to apply for SSDI or SSI. This can be a big challenge for most people that have a disability because you need to arrange your own transportation and pay for it as well. Try to get someone to take you to the office for your appointment.

Put Together A Medical History Binder

Prior to your appointment, you'll want to compile a binder with your medical history so that you are able to show the history of your disability as documented by doctors. This includes documentation about surgeries, tests, and the various doctors' appointments that you have recently had. If you are currently taking prescriptions, list those out as well. 

Bring Proof Of Income

If you are planning to apply for SSI, you'll need to have your proof of income in order so that you can prove how much you make. This involves gathering recent bank statements or pay stubs from your employer. If you do not have access to these or make inconsistent income, a letter from your employer explaining your job's pay structure will help.

Work With A Disability Benefits Lawyer

The best way to ensure that your case is not denied is to work with a disability benefits lawyer. It helps the Social Security office take your application more seriously since they know things are done correctly from the start thanks to your lawyer. In addition, they'll be able to work with your case through approval and help tackle roadblocks that come up during the application process. Contact an attorney to learn more about disability benefits assistance.