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Unique Circumstances That Need A Probate Law Attorney

by Maurice Moore

After the death of a loved one who left an estate and property, you can choose to self-administer probate. However, if the estate's value is high and continues to escalate, the probate process gets more complex. Here are some unique situations where you might need to hire a probate law attorney.

If You Are New to Probate Matters

Having to deal with losing a loved one is complicated, confusing, and comes with several mixed emotions. It gets worse if there are estates or property involved. Hiring a probate law attorney is necessary if you don't understand the probate process since probate deals with numerous legal documentation and a lengthy court process.

The attorney will guide you on everything you need to know about the process. They'll ensure you feel secure and reduce your responsibility during your most difficult time.

When Being Harassed Over Debt

Unfortunately, debt is an expense that can haunt you, even after a loved one's death. The nature of financial obligations tends to be complex and can take a lot of time to unravel. Hiring a probate lawyer helps determine the debts left behind by the deceased, if they're valid, and whether they can be paid from the estate.

Some debts like personal loans, funeral expenses, and income tax are critical. Often, without the help of a probate lawyer, people either underpay or overpay debts, which either causes delays or additional expenses. A probate lawyer can help pass the message to the deceased creditors about the death, avoiding further harassment during debt collection.

Claims of Unfair Distribution of the Estate Arise Among Family

The probate process comes with numerous conflicts and disagreements among heirs. Sometimes, the deceased leaves out some critical family members or leaves a bigger proportion to one member. Therefore, it isn't uncommon for beneficiaries to claim unfair distribution.

Without a probate law attorney, these disagreements result in time-consuming and expensive lawsuits that end with ripped families. Probate lawyers help ascertain the will's validity, clear any confusion and keep everything professional, minimizing the chances of conflicts or lawsuits amongst family members.

There Is Too Much Stress on Your Family

Losing a loved one is hard and comes with stress and grief, which can sometimes become unbearable. However, during adversity and grief, family conflicts tend to arise, especially regarding probate conversations. 

Involving all members of the family in the probate process makes it complicated and convoluted. A probate law attorney can answer questions and shed light on conflicting matters. Since a lawyer is a central and unbiased person, they can minimize tension when upholding the interests of everyone in the family.

If you can relate to any of the above circumstances, hire a probate lawyer today. It will keep your family from unnecessary disagreements and keep you out of court.