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You May Be Entitled To Compensation For Black Lung Disease As A Coal Miner

by Maurice Moore

As a coal miner, one of the health risks you can potentially face is the development of black lung disease. This is a phenomenon in which you breathe coal dust into your lungs and you develop black lung disease as a result. This is a serious health condition and you might have a personal injury case after speaking with a coal miner attorney.

The Harmful Effects of Coal Dust  

The coal dust itself does not lead to black lung disease but rather the inflammatory response that results from the efforts by your lungs to cough up the coal dust. This can cause your lungs to become scarred. 

Because of legislation passed by the US federal government, any coal miner who develops black lung disease is entitled to compensation. There are safety measures that employers can take to reduce the odds of a miner being exposed to coal dust, such as monitoring coal dust levels, but you will still be entitled to compensation if you develop the disease.

Steps to Take After Developing Black Lung Disease

If you develop this disease, however, you will want to contact a coal miner attorney as soon as possible so you can gather the evidence necessary to prove that you developed this condition and so that you can calculate the damages you have suffered.

Black Lung Disease Symptoms

Consistent chest pain, wheezing, and the coughing up of phlegm are all warning signs of black lung disease. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, and have worked as a coal miner, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

While you cannot be cured of black lung disease, there are treatments that can help you manage your symptoms. You will also be able to connect your symptoms to your career as a coal miner so you and your family can receive the compensation you deserve.

The Role of a Coal Miner Attorney

A coal miner attorney will help you determine the right steps to take when pursuing compensation for your injuries. The US Department of Labor provides monthly benefits and your benefits increase depending on how many dependents you have.

Your coal miner attorney may also assist you in pursuing a third-party claim. For example, if you wore a mask to protect you from coal dust, but the mask was later found to be defective and did not protect you from the dust, you may be able to file a personal injury claim against the dust manufacturer.