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Hit From Behind? What To Do After The Accident

by Maurice Moore

Rear-end collisions are common. Drivers may be distracted, drive too fast, or could be under the influence of something. Regardless of the cause, victims can end up with serious injuries after a rear-end crash. To find out what you should do after the accident, read on.

Finding Fault

The issue of who caused the accident is of primary concern. In almost all cases, the driver that hit your vehicle from behind is at fault. However, the driver in front may be at fault or share some of the fault in some uncommon instances:

  • When the driver in front stops suddenly for no apparent reason.
  • When it's dark and the driver in front has no brake or tail lights on.
  • When another vehicle pushes the car in the rear into the front car.

If you were hit from behind and you know that the other person is at fault, you are owed monetary compensation by the driver who hit you.

Rear-end Injuries

While some rear-end collisions result in minor injuries, that is not always the case. Very serious injuries and even death can occur from being hit from behind. If one vehicle is stationary and the vehicle approaching from behind is speeding, the results can be catastrophic. Vehicles, no matter how many safety features they might have, are no match for a speeding vehicle.

Several types of injuries are common with rear-end collisions. One of the most well-known is whiplash. This soft tissue injury involves straining the neck muscles as the driver's head snaps forward. Whiplash injuries may not show up until later. Be cautious and go to the emergency room if you notice pain in the neck or upper back area, headaches, or dizziness. Unfortunately, whiplash injuries may take a long time to heal.

Other rear-end collision injuries include internal injuries caused by the seatbelt suddenly tightening as the accident occurs. Be on the lookout for pain in the abdomen area and get to the hospital immediately. Internal bleeding can lead to death before you know it. Concussions may also occur if your head meets the side panel, window, steering wheel, or front windshield of your vehicle.  Some concussions are slow to show up as well. All these types of injuries can lead to long-term medical conditions. In some cases, the injuries, particularly a concussion, can lead to brain damage.

Don't let anyone tell you that a rear-end accident is less serious than another type of accident. Attend your medical treatment and then speak to an auto accident lawyer about being paid for your damages.