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Types Of Criminal Homicide That Can Make You Face Severe Consequences And How An Attorney Can Fight Them

by Maurice Moore

People who take a human life face homicide charges that differ in each state. In most cases, suspects who commit these offenses face harsh consequences that severely impact their lives. Therefore, if the police arrest you for suspicion of a homicide, you need to contact an attorney to build a defense for your case. Below are some types of criminal homicide that can make you face severe consequences and how an attorney can help you to fight them. 

Murder Charges

Murder charges can make you face consequences that are quite severe if you're convicted. For instance, you might spend the rest of your life in jail or get the death penalty. Note that judges offer maximum sentences to suspects who had planned to kill someone after a disagreement or another reason. Some offenders also get harsh judgments if they kill someone, even if they never planned the incident. This includes instances when someone kills their partner after finding them in bed with another person. Given this, the only way to avoid getting quite severe punishment when facing murder charges is by hiring a lawyer to defend you. They will determine the most effective strategies to use to enable you to get a lenient judgment.

Manslaughter Charges

Suspects usually face manslaughter charges if they kill someone without planning to commit a crime or having the intention to kill. These incidents often arise when people perform activities that they never thought would result in death. For example, this can include a case where a doctor prescribes a medicine they never knew would have lethal interaction with the patient. In addition, a driver who causes a fatal crash and kills someone can also face manslaughter charges. Note that if a judge finds you guilty of this offense, they can offer you different punishments, depending on your state. Further, your penalties might vary depending on the circumstances of your case. However, your punishment might be severe in both cases, so you need to hire an attorney.

Justifiable Homicide

Justifiable homicide charges apply when a suspect kills someone while defending themselves. These charges are usually less challenging to fight, especially when a suspect has legal representation. Therefore, if you're facing justifiable homicide, you will benefit greatly by working with an attorney. They can get witnesses to testify and prove that you had to use force to protect yourself. They will also tell the court that you never intended to kill and that the death was purely accidental.

If you're facing any of the homicide crimes above, contact a criminal defense attorney to help you avoid a harsh judgment. They will do this by building the most effective defense for your specific situation. Your attorney will then argue your case in court to prove your innocence.

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