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Injured In An Accident? Get Legal Help Communicating With These People

by Maurice Moore

Your attorney is a vital resource after you've been injured in an accident. But their assistance starts long before you head to a courtroom. It should, in fact, start right after your accident. How? Your attorney will advise you on who to speak to and when to let them do the talking. Here are a few key people they will help you communicate with. 

1. Insurance Companies

Most people assume that their first call should be to the relevant insurance carrier. While this is sometimes true, it should coincide with a call to a qualified personal injury attorney. Your legal representative may recommend that communications with insurers go through the lawyer to protect your case and prevent accidental misstatements. 

2. Liable Parties

Whether or not the person(s) liable for the accident are friends, family, or strangers, they may try to influence you regarding the case. It could be personal appeals, offers to settle on the side, or even attempts to get you to admit liability. In most cases, refrain from speaking with anyone other than your attorney about liability or compensation. 

3. Family and Friends

How should you speak about the accident or your injuries with your friends, family, co-workers, and other personal associates? This is a delicate situation. 

Conversations with anyone other than your legal team are generally not protected by confidentiality rules. Saying the wrong things — especially by oversharing — could work against you in court. Your lawyer will help you find a good balance, including on social media. 

4. Medical Providers

Medical providers are some of the most compelling sources of evidence and testimony in personal injury cases. So it's important to know how to communicate well with your providers. You need to be honest with them and follow their instructions. 

However, you also shouldn't give them unnecessary information that could in turn work against you. Many communications with providers are legally confidential, but you need to understand if anything is not protected. You'll also need good evidence from them to stand up in court. 

5. Other Lawyers

Finally, what should you do if another attorney tries to contact you? In general, your legal team will probably recommend that all communications with legal parties go through them as well. This can be difficult since most Americans are not well-versed in legal jargon or understanding their rights. 

Where to Start

Clearly, you could benefit from a personal injury attorney on your team from the get-go. Start receiving professional assistance today by making an appointment.