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  • Understanding The Steps Taken In A Personal Injury Case

    27 January 2020

    Personal injury cases encompass a wide variety of issues, such as car accident injuries, slip and fall accidents, dog bites, motorcycle accidents, and defective products that cause injury. One of the keys to all personal injury cases is the fact that an injury was caused by negligence on the behalf of another person or entity. Thus, while the details of a personal injury case can vary greatly from one person to another, the timeline is almost always similar.

  • Documentary Evidence In Auto Accident Cases

    24 January 2020

    Documentary evidence comes in the form of documents as opposed to oral testimony. Below are some forms of documentary evidence you may need for your auto accident claim. Photographs Photographic evidence can boost your case because they show the real thing. In fact, people seem to understand photographs better than descriptive words. Pictures of the accident scene, vehicle damages, and injuries are some of the evidence you need. Do take such pictures as soon as you are able to do before things change.